Ordering RJLasap

There are many styles of delivery notes available within RJLasap. Delivery notes can be either priced with or without discounts, unpriced, incorporate a returns column, sell out time, etc.. Delivery notes can be printed in either round/drop or customer order detailing products in either product, group or production order. Each delivery note can have a customised footer as well as any personalised message from the order entry process.

Other reports available to aid deliveries are a general summary and drivers' reports. The drivers' report is user defined. It details, in drop order, each customer to be delivered to, the number box/trays to be delivered, and may also detail signature box, cash collected and delivery time.(image of drivers report)

As with all reports delivery notes can be printed by either a laser or dot matrix printer. If using the RJLasap handheld then the driver may be print these on site.