Handheld RJLasap

Several reports are available on the handheld. The product summary details each product's opening stock, quantity delivered, returned and credited along with closing stock.

The customer summary details each customer delivered to, time of delivery, money collected with method of payment (cash, cheque, card or other), quantity delivered and returned.

When the round is completed all the information can be uploaded to the RJLasap system including captured signatures.

The system will download all relevant customers, products prices, barcodes, stock and orders for any given delivery round. Once downloaded the customers will appear on the screen in drop order. The driver selects the appropriate customer and scans any goods being delivered or returned.

Any form of payment may be captured and the van temperature recorded ready for the customer to sign. When signed either a delivery note or invoice is printed on the wireless/bluetooth printer.

As well as detailing products delivered, the printed document will print the delivery time, any monies collected, the van temperature and signature.